Friday, 30 June 2017

The Final Few Shetland Footprints

We have just about come to the end of our Shetland adventure, our ferry leaves for the 200 mile trip south to Aberdeen tomorrow evening, and we have just about achieved what we set out to do. We have covered this place from all corners of the compass, taking in as much as possible not just from the wildlife but also the locals, who are amongst the friendliest people I have ever met. For me though the incredible wildlife was the main reason for coming here and it did not disappoint. I have come away with many shots that I am pleased with but that doesn't tell the whole story as many of the shots are not perfect (mainly due to the weather) but they still have a story and the time I have spent here will not be forgotten with or without a 'perfect' photograph. My photographs do not do the landscape of this place justice either, the views are so huge that they need to be seen in person, but one of the lasting impressions I have is of white sandy beaches in steep cliffed bays with chrystal clear blue water. We barely saw anyone on these beaches and they would put half of the Med to shame!
Suffice to say, regardless of the two days of gales that sounded as if a helicopter was trying to land in the tent, we have been treated to the best this place can offer and when the sun shines you can forgive it just about anything.

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