Monday, 19 June 2017

Shetland Footprints Day 2

We docked at Lerwick just after 7.30 and it was clear that the heatwave currently covering the UK was not going to extend this far north. To be fair, we were ready for the fog and the rain as we had followed the forecasts all week and this did not dampen our spirits as much as it did our coats.
The campsite we had chosen was a small community run site in a tiny village, by a tiny cove with a tiny beach about half an hour south of Lerwick. So, within a couple of hours of landing here and with the help of a couple of laughing Dutchmen, we had set up base camp and were wondering what to do about the waterfall that was steadily flowing through the roof and collecting into our very own Loch in the middle of the floor.
By the time we had found a replacement tent and pitched it, the afternoon had arrived along with more rain and stronger winds. It would have been easy to find a cafĂ© and spend the time wondering what more the weather would bring, but instead we went off in search of high cliffs, big waves and the always magical Puffin. 

The weather was perfect for seabird watching but not photography although I did manage to meet a friendly little Puffin who stayed close enough to pose before finding a place out of the wind. The day ended calmer and dryer than it had started and although the sun struggled to break free of the clouds we had a chance to spend a little time with a Common Seal and her pup.

Night was long in coming and it didn’t hang around for long, it does not get properly dark here at this time of year, and daylight brought the promise of better weather.

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