Thursday, 22 June 2017

Shetland Footprints: An update

I was going to write a daily diary about we are up to here on The Shetlands, but I am no holiday blogger and, after wandering around as much of this place as possible, moving bases twice and not having a mobile signal leta lone wifi, I gave it up as a bad job. I will keep popping a few photographs on here though when I can and try not to bore you too much.
The last few days have been a mixture of sunshine and cloud and I have spent a fair bit of time wandering and trying to understand more about The Shetlands. This place is filled with over 4000 years of history and each phase of this is well worth exploring.
Today's best friend though was a beautiful but quite unpopular Pole Cat. Now these creatures are not really wanted on Shetland and they are actively kept from all islands but the mainland because of their threat to wild birds. Now I fully understand that but I really did enjoy my encounter with this young lady, which was far more than the Wheatear did!

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