Thursday, 21 July 2016

One Swallow Does Not A Summer Make

There is a place, not too far from me, where I can sit and watch the Swallows for as long as I want and believe me, this can be a while. When the youngsters are free of the nest but still hanging on to their parent’s coat tails, there is so much to see and so much to photograph. This is yet another bird that I cannot get enough of.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Devil Screamers

If you live in Swanage you can't have missed the sight of a large group of Swifts screaming as they career through the sky high above the roof tops. I spent an hour or so trying to photograph them as them as they flew over our garden, sometimes so high they were barely specs, sometimes so close they looked like they would crash in to the houses.  The Swift is an incredible bird for many reasons: it is our fastest bird on level flight, it is one of our most ancient dating back at least 65 million years and they almost never land except on their nests. They are a bird well worth learning more about.

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Dragon's Lair

Today I had the chance to go inland and explore an area that I don't know very well. I knew that it would be a place of beasts and bugs and also knew that it would be foolish to wander around uncovered and unprotected against the very worst of our local flying biters!
So, shorts and a t-shirt it was then!
The day started warm and was set to get warmer so the area would be literally buzzing with all manner of moths, flies and butterflies with the floor hiding many a cricket or grasshopper. I couldn’t get there early so I had to contend with these creatures all fully charged by the Sun and as active as they were going to get.
Butterflies are always fun to photograph, I like the flies too but It is the dragons that I really go for, closely followed by the crickets. After a couple of hours in the heat and after yet another fly decided that I looked like lunch, I called it a day and headed for somewhere cooler.