Wednesday, 5 September 2018


I struggle with the Summer, both as a photographer and as a walker: both prove more difficult and somehow less enjoyable than at other times of the year. I look forward to Autumn though and welcome signs of her arrival as if I am waiting for the return of an old friend.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Beasts & Bugs

There is a world, not far away, that we can all find and spend time in and that can show us more beasts than even the most wildlife friendly park. The meadows are teaming with creatures that are often ignored but always incredible to watch and photograph and they are available to anyone of any ability.
Dragons, spiders, beetles, bugs, crickets and all manor of smaller creatures are ready for you.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Dolphins or Bust

If you are very lucky you can see Dolphins from the coast path on the Isle of Purbeck but you do have to be very lucky. Every now and again a pod will travel along the coast giving you a chance to watch them for a few minutes and of course take a few photographs, but they rarely hang around long enough. So, in order to try and take a few better photographs and to hopefully watch a little more behaviour than just ‘passing by’, we decided to go to where Dolphins are more regularly seen. This meant a round trip of some 1500 miles and more than 32 hours behind the wheel to the Moray Firth in the Highlands of Scotland. We had limited time and would need good weather to get the shots and although we didn’t have wall to wall sunshine, the rain that fell that day fell on other people and not us. Even though we could see heavy showers all around us we escaped the downpours and managed to see the Dolphins from the beach at Chanonry Point and from a high powered rib on the waters of Moray and Cromarty Firths.
Luck was certainly with us and it was incredible to be able to watch these animals not only as they travel but also as they hunt! Taking photographs though is a completely different matter and although these wonderful animals got quite close to shore, trying to predict where they will surface whilst looking through the lens and then focusing correctly is very tricky.

Inverness, from Chanonry Point

Friday, 20 July 2018

A Badger's Evening

I have been watching a Badger sett for a while now but, although it is a busy old place, taking photographs can be a little tricky. These wonderful animals tend not to venture above ground until the Sun has well and truly gone down and the use of a flash can disturb them.
So it takes time, patience and the understanding that sometimes I just can't take a photo because I have used the flash enough for the evening.
That said, last night was superb with three youngsters coming out for a play and watching these animals with or without taking a phot is an amazing privilege.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Good Morning

This morning’s wander along the cliff top started pretty well and only got better. As soon as we reached the path a Peregrine was seen high above the cliffs, only to be joined very quickly by another. A few extra minutes taken to watch this is an easy decision and they looked stunning against the blue sky. Eventually I walked around the headland to the south and followed the path along the cliff top only to be greeted by three young Kestrels and a circling hunting mother.
The triplets stayed very close for longer than I could and I left them before I really wanted too.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Purbeck Coast

I take any opportunity to get out on a boat to see the Purbeck coast from the water. Apart from the sea birds, including at this time of year our Puffins, there is always a chance to see Seals, Dolphins and who knows what else.
The coast itself is spectacular and last night, on a sea that was a little too choppy for photographs of birds, we headed out of the bay to Old Harry and then down to Dancing Ledge. As a bit of a geology nut being able to look at the formations of Jurassic Portland and Purbeck stone as well as the Cretaceous chalk of Old Harry never gets boring. As a wanderer, it is good to see the paths that I walk every day from a different perspective and to look on a land that I know so well but that appears so different from the sea.
I also had an invite to join the final Durlston Bird Boat of the year too but watched it leave the pier as I entered the bay. Whether you are on a large or small boat though, these beautiful evenings are just superb to spend on the water.


I struggle with the Summer, both as a photographer and as a walker: both prove more difficult and somehow less enjoyable than at other times...