Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Shetland Footprints Day 3

We started early this morning and left base camp before 7am with the weather showing promise but cloud remained stubborn and refused to allow too much Sun to break. We headed west to the long strip of islands known as Trondra with the intention of covering as many miles as possible. Running from north to south, with narrow strips of water between it and the mainland, Trondra had an appeal all of its own. The west coast of these islands is rough and rugged and has been twisted and buckled by countless years of tectonic forces,  the east though was calm and quiet, sloping gently to a water that was filled with pots and fishing bouys.

As the clouds parted, blue skies and bright sunshine meant that a return visit to Sunburgh was called for. The lighthouse stood high on the southern tip of the mainland and the cliffs around it are packed with Guillemots, Razorbills and of course the Puffin.

In the skies above Arctic Skuas joined the larger Bonxie (the local name for the Great Skua) to harass the smaller birds as well as the rabbits that call this place home. Taking a photograph of birds in flight is always difficult but on this occasion the wind helped making usually quick little birds stall and slow down just enough for a shot. When I am enjoying myself this much it is always difficult to tear myself away but there is only so many shots of Puffins you can take. Time to move on and enjoy the views as the skies cleared.

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