Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Shetland Footprints: The Pick of the Birds

We are coming to the end of this two week exploration of The Shetland Islands and although we have been beaten up a little by gale force winds, we have found this to be a stunning place full of the most hospitable people you can imagine.
Choosing favourite views would be imposible, favourite places would be too but there are a few birds that have stood out as firm favourites. There have been others, like the beautiful Red Thoated Diver, the haunting Snipe and the mean, moody Bonxie but these few have been the most popular for me.

The Puffin was probably the main reason we came to the Shetlands. I wanted flight shots, sitting still shots, preening shots and of course the Sandeel shot!
 Like the Oyster Catcher, the Ringed Plover was very common around the islands but this brave little bird was constantly at work keeping preditors away from their young.
Ringed Plover
 The Black Guillemot is totally different from our local bird but is very striking and a real eyecatcher.
Black Guillemot
The Wren is very well known but the sight of seven of these birds, two adults and five fledglings, on one small rock at the same time was very special.
I would like to say that the Puffin has been my iconic Shetland bird but for me it has to be the Oyster Catcher. Although familiar at home, this beautiful bird was everywhere thoughout all of the islands and its call became a constant soundtrack day or night.
Oyster Catcher

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