Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mr & Mrs

We are getting close to the time when our Roe Deer population will hopefully increase a little. Unlike the Sika, that have to be culled to control the numbers, there is only a small number of the beautiful creatures roaming the Isle of Purbeck and they need to be protected.
It is understandable that we all want to get as close as possible to the fawns, they are very cute, but it is important to give them as much space as they need. The mother will leave the youngster for hours on end sometimes and, if you stumble upon one, they must be left alone (I don't even hang around to take a photograph). Any trace of human contact on the fawn may result in it being abandoned and we cannot afford that!
Watching from a distance, if you are lucky enough to see one, is by far the best way. 
In my opinion it is also best to keep away from 'fawn spotting' tours, it only takes a couple of months for the youngsters to get a little bigger and a little braver and it is well worth the wait.

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Frank Anderson said...

I've never managed to catch a Roe Deer out in the open like you've been lucky enough to do - they're strictly woodland during the day around here.

I completely agree about leaving fawns alone. They're very cute and it's tempting to get closer.

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