Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tuesday: and all was calm

There was a little fire in the sky at dawn this morning but by the time I had reached the cliffs clouds had settled and it seemed that the Sun wasn’t really sure whether to bother breaking through or not. Although the paths were clear, mud and puddles were evidence of the weather we have had and the footprints of weekend wanderers were joined by a single Roe Deer print! Either I am not as good a tracker as I thought, or we have a one-legged deer on the patch. I think I know which one is true!
So as I continued my way along the cliff path I pondered the obvious existence of a one-legged deer and marvelled at my incredible tracking skills.
There was a quiet to the morning though, almost the lull before a storm but without the storm. It wasn’t silent of course: Jackdaws were calling as they patrolled the cliff edge, Guillemots and Razorbills splashed as they washed the worst of the night away and a couple of Dunnocks were trying to out sing each other. These are sounds that I am used to up here but it seemed that if I concentrated, really concentrated, maybe I could just about hear the Adder as she made her way across the mud towards her favourite sunbathing spot.
Well maybe not but you get the point, up on the cliffs this morning it was as lovely as always and all was calm.

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