Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Purbeck Coast

The footpaths that crisscross over the whole of the Isle of Purbeck are a joy to walk and the views you get are just about perfect. One of the views that tends to be forgotten about however is this one, the view from the sea. This place looks totally different from the sea but you get a real sense of how it was, and is still being, formed. The cliff quarries of Dancing Ledge, Hedbury, Seacombe and Winspit are all easier to get a look at and makes you understand just how much stone has been taken.
A boat trip along the coast is well worth doing if you can and it will really give you a different perspective.
The Fisherman's Ledge towards Anvil Point

Green Point

Dancing Ledge


Seacombe & Winspit

Anvil Point

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SimonK said...

I'd love to go on a boat trip. How does one go about it?

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