Monday, 11 April 2016

A View From The Cliffs

Whatever the weather, a wander along the cliff path is never a waste of time, the views are constantly changing and the soundtrack never gets boring. The walk starts through the woods where Robin competes with Wren, Wren competes with Blackbird, Blackbird competes with Woodpecker all trying to out decibel each other. In the Spring the tiny Chiffchaff joins the band and the airwaves are full.
Reach the cliffs and the sounds are different. The waves of course are constant, beating an endless drum against the rocks, creating the coastline that we know so well. The birds change too although you can still hear the woodland, gulls and Guillemots take over with the occasional screech of the Peregrine as it slices through the sky.
Not a bad start to the day.


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