Monday, 20 April 2015

Trains, boats and the City of Water

Venice is special!
You realise that as soon as you set foot out of the railway station and catch your first glimpse of the City of Water. That view does not disappoint and for me, the rest of Venice didn't either.
We got there early, as the city was waking up and those that work there were getting ready for just another day. Early in the morning is good for any town or city perhaps but here, when you know it is going to get busy, this time of the day is sheer heaven.
First point of call was the Rialto Bridge and then on to St.Mark's Square, two of Venice's prime landmarks and both much more attractive when quite. St.Mark's Square especially will blow your socks off if you manage to see it empty!
There are many such attractions that really must be seen, this is after all one of the most famous tourist traps in the world, but when you have done this leave the crowds and explore.
If you have followed my ramblings for a while, you have probably realised by now that I like to get off of the beaten track!
So immerse yourself in the city and its culture, leave the crowds behind (as much as you can anyway) and
find your own space, take as much time as you can to really see what makes her inhabitants work.
You will not be disappointed.

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