Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 2: Blue Skies, back streets, sunsets, saints and tv aerials

The old town of Verona is a maze of cobbled back streets and piazzas that are just aching to be explored. The main parts of the city are superb of course, the architecture alone could keep you amused and puzzled for days on end, but leave the well beaten tracks, disappear in to the shadows and just walk. You can't get lost here because the river surrounds three sides of the old city and pretty well every road will take you to it or the stunning Roman arena.
Head across the river to the north west and climb the steps past the Roman theatre to the Piazzale Castel San Piedro that sits high above the town. The views from here are incredible and give you a chance to see just where you have been wandering.
The city is littered with museums, churches and historic buildings most of which seem to be missed by people in too much of a rush. If I have learned anything here it is to slow down, and not just because you will be run over by a car or a bicycle if you don't.

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