Saturday, 18 April 2015

Just Call Me Signore Footprints

For the next week I will be in Northern Italy and so instead of being able to wander the Isle usual, I will be based in Verona and seeing what I can find.
We arrived today at about 9 o'clock after a perfect, trouble-free journey. Our luck continued as we collected our cases (just six other cases on the plane) and stepped straight on to the shuttle bus that would take us to Verona railway station. the ticket machine caused a few problems but nothing too severe!. A few minutes later we were trying to figure out what bus to take from the station to the centre of the old town where we are renting an apartment. Italian is not a language I am totally at home with but luckily the locals were as friendly as they were patient.
Soon after 10am we had the keys, dumped the cases and went out for the first wander.
Our apartment is very close to Ponte Alreardi on the east side and so we decided to follow the river as it curls north surrounding the old town.
This part of Verona is a maze of streets and beautiful piazzas and there is a lot of fun to be had just following the sounds and seeing where you end up. A few markets and cafes later we stumbled across a food festival near the ancient arena and stopped to refuel.
There is live music there later and it would be a shame not to check that out!

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