Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wet Feet, a Yellowhammer and the Hedbury Cannon.

The walk to Hedbury Quarry started well under crisp, blue skies but was never going to be an easy one. Turning off the Priest's Way and following the path towards the ridge above Dancing Ledge was passable but the steps down the hill were fenced off. This meant a slight detour along the ridge and the chance to use a path that I hadn't been down for many years. This path is well used by cows and is usually muddy but today there was stream running along it giving a clear but wet place to walk.
Look West
The descent to the coast path was interesting and involved an ungainly and more or less uncontrollable slide down the sodden grass. I kept upright more by luck than skill and was happy to reach the comparative surefooted safety of the coast path. The path into Hedbury itself was easy after that but it was obvious that time was against us. Dark clouds were building up and St.Alhelm's Head, in the distance, was already feeling the first drops of rain.
The Hedbury Cannon
 With the clouds building up and the skies getting ever darker, it was clear that we were going to get wetter, but on the plus side this would probably wash of a lot of the mud!

 The walk back to Langton was easy too, well, apart from the steep climb that catches me out every time. It made me realise that I really need to walk more after another wet winter has kept me inside.
My new best friend on the way back was a rather beautiful Yellowhammer and we spent a little time together until we both got fed up of the rain.

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