Sunday, 12 January 2014

Mud, Stones and Sunbathing Lizards.

Winspit is an old, disused quarry perched on the cliffs not far from the village of Worth Matravers. Worth is now probably more famous for its one and only pub, The Square & Compass, which serves more walkers and cyclists than locals these days.
Apart from the mud and puddles, the walk from The Square to Winspit is an easy one, a gentle decent towards the cliffs.
East From Winspit
Take time to wander through the quarry, the remains of buildings can still be seen and you can wander into the dark workings if you fancy it.
Apart from the views and the very history of this place, the local lizards can keep me amused for quite a while.
The walk back to Worth is steady, though uphill of course, and will give you the chance to talk about the quarry, the people who worked the stone and anyone else that have left their mark.

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