Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sunshine & Dirty Boots

It was good to get out and about yesterday after all the bad weather we have had, but it was very difficult to keep my boots clean. Luckily, where mud is concerned, I am just a big kid! The muddier the better.
I also managed to have a play with a Gigapan unit to take photographs of Swanage Bay in order to monitor the land slips that are causing trouble here! The detail you can with these can be quite incredible, although I haven't posted any photographs on their website, is well worth a look!
I have also been trying panoramic shots using separate photographs that I stitch together. I ended up with a picture that was 50MB in size, made up of sixteen separate photographs! Great fun to do, but I need more practise and a lot more Sun!
The weather looks like it will improve at the weekend, so I might be able to get out again.

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