Sunday, 18 October 2009

Egrets, Herons and Me

Egrets, Herons and Me, originally uploaded by julian sawyer.

With the promise of beautiful day it was time to break out the kayaks. Heading from Wareham Quay, down the River, across Poole Harbour to the town quay. The river was about as calm as you could get and the harbour wasn't exactly choppy. Not a lot in the way of wildlife, but we did come across a group of Herons and Egrets. I have heard of Spoonbills here, but we were to far away to see if there were some here. I tried to get closer but as you leave the channel the water gets very shallow, in places only a couple of inches, and you don't want to get stuck. One day, when I am brave enough, I will take the big camera and see what I can get.

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