Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Too Early For The Sunrise.

This morning the Sun was supposed to make her grand appearance at just after 8 o’clock so no need for an alarm or early start. The skies had been clear all night and the forecast was for a bit of blue today so it was ok to expect a fine first walk. On the horizon a bank of cloud stubbornly delayed the main event though and a chilly wind coming off the sea made it difficult to hang around. As we walked more clouds arrived and it became clear that the Sun would remain hidden: cloaked in cloud that gave more grey than colour and, this morning, I really needed more colour.
We turned onto the path that took us under trees where the sounds of nature can improve any monochrome day. The chatter of small birds, invisible in the undergrowth or just a blur high up in the canopy, filled the gloom and, as if on cue, one bird stood out more than the rest.  If you have any need for a lift on a morning when things just don’t feel right, find a Robin then watch and listen. 

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