Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Morning Gannets

Rain and very low cloud meant that I was cameraless on my walk this morning, this meant of course that there was bound to be something lovely to point my camera at!
At Peveril Point, one of my favourite places, Gannets were feeding very close to land and one of the great things about these beautiful birds is that they show up very well on even the dullest of days.
So, a quick detour to fetch the camera and then back to the cliffs, just in time for more rain...

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Roes, Blues and evening wanders

I have been neglecting my evening walks lately, it seems like I have only just got back to some sort of normality after my exhibition. I am not complaining though, being busy with framing and ordering prints is something that I really enjoy and I am taking it as a good sign.
Most of my walks are early morning these days and I'm not complaining about that either, this is a perfect time of day.
Apart from the ever-present Roe Deer, butterflies are starting to appear in numbers meaning that the macro lens gets the dust blown off of it. I can spend far too much time sat in the meadows snapping away at beasts and bugs.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Monday Evening Pheonix

By the time the Sun started to set the rain had long gone leaving a glorious evening. The Pheonix sat very still in the bay basking in golden light, a far cry from the weather it battled through just few hours before.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Changeable Weather

When I arrived at Durlston Castle this morning the clouds were low and the rain was doing its best to ruin my mood. What the rain didn't know was that today is day eight of my ten day exhibition and for the next three days I will be here chatting to people, showing off my photographs and generally acting like a proper photographer. No amount of bad weather was ever going to ruin my mood.
Looking from the cliffs there were plenty of seabirds battling the wind and rain, as you would expect, but then out of the mist came The Pheonix.
Rolling and pitching its way from Plymouth, it seemed far to small to deal with this morning's waves but still managed to reach the shelter of Swanage Bay.
Not long after this, the Sun started breaking through the clouds and the skies changed from grey to blue.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

10 Days in May

I have the pleasure to be able to exhibit my photographs at Durlston Castle, here on the beautfiul Isle of Purbeck. The ten day exhibition will feature my favourite shots of the stunning landscape and wildlife that can be found here.
Yesterday was the first day and I may be biased, but I think it looks great.
Visit if you can it would be great to see you, but if you can't here are a few shots of the castle and the exhibition.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Mum, Dad and a nipper

Walking the Purbeck cliffs is a joy whatever the weather but this morning was just about perfect, with hazy blue skies, a slight wind and just enough Sun to take the edge off of the early morning chill. There was plenty going on too, with the usual supects making a racket and either flying along the cliffs or bobbing up and down on the rolling sea. Guillemots and Razorbills had their usual morning wash and brushup at the foot of the cliffs, while Fulmars, Herring and Black-backed Gulls took to the skies. Not far away, a male Kestrel made short work of a mouse that he had caught for breakfast, managing to finish the whole thing before his partner arrived.
Further west along the cliffs a youngster, still with down on his back, sat making his presence known even though his parents didn't seem to be too interested.
Not a bad Sunday wander.

"Look round and read great nature's open book"

Quiet but never silent.

I missed the Sun this morning, not because I was late but because the early wander was done and dusted by the time the clouds cleared. When...