Saturday 25 January 2014

Quick walks and the Search for Roe Deer

We have quite a large population if Sika that were first introduced on to the Isle of Purbeck, from their native Japan, a little over 100 years ago. Like them or not, they are here to stay and I for one always enjoy seeing them. The main problem as far as I am concerned is that they are gradually squeezing the small number of Roe deer out of the area.
Today, I went to where I knew they would be to see how close I could get.
One of three Roe deer
As it happened, I couldn't get very close but seeing part of our very small local Roe deer population is always special.
The walk back wasn't too bad either.
The Purbeck Snowdrop

Wednesday 22 January 2014

Two For Breakfast

We have known for a while that a Fox was partial to spending a bit of time in the garden, but this morning we had two. Both in very good condition they tolerated me for a while and let me get quite close before I had to leave them to it.
I prefer to see Foxes in their own environment and not mine, but it was great to get close.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Wet Feet, a Yellowhammer and the Hedbury Cannon.

The walk to Hedbury Quarry started well under crisp, blue skies but was never going to be an easy one. Turning off the Priest's Way and following the path towards the ridge above Dancing Ledge was passable but the steps down the hill were fenced off. This meant a slight detour along the ridge and the chance to use a path that I hadn't been down for many years. This path is well used by cows and is usually muddy but today there was stream running along it giving a clear but wet place to walk.
Look West
The descent to the coast path was interesting and involved an ungainly and more or less uncontrollable slide down the sodden grass. I kept upright more by luck than skill and was happy to reach the comparative surefooted safety of the coast path. The path into Hedbury itself was easy after that but it was obvious that time was against us. Dark clouds were building up and St.Alhelm's Head, in the distance, was already feeling the first drops of rain.
The Hedbury Cannon
 With the clouds building up and the skies getting ever darker, it was clear that we were going to get wetter, but on the plus side this would probably wash of a lot of the mud!

 The walk back to Langton was easy too, well, apart from the steep climb that catches me out every time. It made me realise that I really need to walk more after another wet winter has kept me inside.
My new best friend on the way back was a rather beautiful Yellowhammer and we spent a little time together until we both got fed up of the rain.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Fields, Floods and the the Black Swans

When the River Frome floods at Wareham it is easy to see why the Isle of Purbeck got its name. From the north at least, you would have needed a boat to cross the half mile or so of flood water and access from the west was difficult.
The Frome at Wareham
Black Swans
Black Swan

Sunday 12 January 2014

Mud, Stones and Sunbathing Lizards.

Winspit is an old, disused quarry perched on the cliffs not far from the village of Worth Matravers. Worth is now probably more famous for its one and only pub, The Square & Compass, which serves more walkers and cyclists than locals these days.
Apart from the mud and puddles, the walk from The Square to Winspit is an easy one, a gentle decent towards the cliffs.
East From Winspit
Take time to wander through the quarry, the remains of buildings can still be seen and you can wander into the dark workings if you fancy it.
Apart from the views and the very history of this place, the local lizards can keep me amused for quite a while.
The walk back to Worth is steady, though uphill of course, and will give you the chance to talk about the quarry, the people who worked the stone and anyone else that have left their mark.

Sunday 5 January 2014

Smile & Wave

The weather has been interesting lately and that has made photography a little difficult. Snatched walks between showers has been the only way but they are still enjoyable.
A walk along the cliffs when  the seas are wild really blows the cobwebs away!

Quiet but never silent.

I missed the Sun this morning, not because I was late but because the early wander was done and dusted by the time the clouds cleared. When...