Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Wednesday: A Date With Eleanor.

A few things happened on this morning's early walk some were good, some not so good but all can be blamed on Storm Eleanor.
First of all, if you know anything about me then you would know that any chance to watch big seas will be grabbed with both hands and the best and safest place to watch the waves is Durlston, so that is where we went.
From the hills above the clifftop you can see quite a way westward and it looked like the skies were clearing, if only for a little while. As it happened, it didn't take long for dark clouds to fly in and hail bagan to fall, this was added to the list of weather that Sika really doesn't like and she was less than happy. We rushed down the rain soaked hill to try and reach the shelter of the Dolphin Watch hut but rushing is never a good thing when there is not enough grip. So, after I scraped most of the mud from by legs and hands I quickly checked to see that no one had seen me fall over and we carried on. It was a relief for us all when we reached the hut and it was good to sit down and relax for a minute. Well, it was only a few seconds actually because I had sat in the chair with the nice big puddle of rain water in it and so jumped up pretty sharply! At least it washed some of the mud off!
We waited for the clouds to move on, which didn't take long with such a strong wind, and watched the Gannets and Gulls perform perfectly just above above the waves. A few Pigeons flew quickly passed, followed by a Peregrine which is as good a reason as any to get a move on.
So, an eventful wander to say the least and I don't think Sika has forgiven me for taking her out yet either but big seas are superb and are always worth the effort to watch.

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