Sunday, 13 May 2018

No dancing, no Puffins and an invisible Deer hunter.

The haze of another beautiful morning still lingered at Dancing Ledge this morning but the clouds were starting to clear and little by little blue was replacing the white. Spotlights of sunshine roamed along the cliffs illuminating the quarries and giving a subtle hint of what the rest of the day would bring, all was quiet except for the birds and all seemed calm. This is a good time to be out and about but it was Sika, with her hawk eyes, that spotted the Roe Deer far below towards the cliff edge. She stiffened, ears straight up and eyes fixed at a point that I had yet to see, she reminded me that there is a good reason to keep a Lurcher on a lead up here! The doe, looking beautiful but just a little scruffy in her pre-summer coat, suddenly burst from her refuge before stopping, still quite a distance away, to give us the once over. She looked at us for a while but we were not the immediate threat, something else had forced her to break cover, something that we had not seen and whatever it was was still there and so she ran on. Then suddenly she was off, out of sight and all was calm again with still no answer to what caused her to run, it could have been anything of course but there is a big part of me that really needs to know these things. Now it was our turn and we had to leave Dancing Ledge and the ever expanding patches of sunlight, the incredible view that will include Puffins very soon and the invisible deer hunter, it was time to move on.

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