Thursday, 12 April 2018

In Search of the Sun

High above the coast path is another trail that heads west, it mirrors the one below and gives a bird’s eye view of the cliffs both to the east and the west. This morning there was a haze that kept the best of the Sun at bay but there was enough brightness to light up the gorse and give a glimpse of St.Aldhelm’s Head sitting just four miles away. Out to sea all was calm with the just occasional fishing boat splitting the waves and maybe there was a yacht in the distance, just at the very limit of my view, flirting with the Sun and dipping in and out of the mist.
Suddenly, a flash of red to my right turns into a Fox, a male by the looks of it and he certainly had something important on his mind as he completely ignored the dogs and I and disappeared into the scrub. There was just the chance of a quick shot but certainly no time for a proper introduction and far too soon all is quiet again. Even though I kept watching the slope that lead down to the cliff path there no further sign of Mr Fox and I became aware of the wind for the first time this morning: up on the ridge there is no shelter and if there is a breeze, you will find it here.
Looking at the clouds it seemed that the Sun wouldn’t be making much more of an appearance, so I decided to wander on back, taking the same high path and keeping an eye on the sea, you know,  just in case…

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