Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Less Blue, More Grey

We were spoiled yesterday and it was difficult not to feel disappointed with the clouds this morning. Bright blue skies have been replaced by clouds and the crisp, cold air was warmer and not as refreshing. All negative thought evaporated though, as they usually do, as I reached the cliffs.
Although there was no beautiful golden sunrise they was a band of pink hanging above the Isle of Wight and, although there was no ‘perfect photographers light’, there was enough to catch one of our resident Peregrines as it sat within just a few metres of me. Other birds were there in number too, with dozens of Guillemots both on the water and whirling just above the waves in wide circles. Mobs of Jackdaws patrolled the cliff tops and the unmistakable bark of a Raven interrupted their conversation, whilst smaller groups of Pigeons took to the skies fully aware that they too were close to a Peregrine. 

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