Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Brighter Mornings

After a day or two of cloud it was good to see the Sun this morning.
Clear skies brought a frost though and it was certainly chilly up on the cliffs but as always the arrival of a molten, disc of gold pulling itself free from the sea is always welcome. As if on cue, the sound of Guillemots floated up from the sea, Jackdaws ganged together to tell everyone exactly who is the noisiest resident and a single Roe deer wandered from the shelter of the trees into the light. It is strange that something that has happened every day for the last four and a half billion years or so can still attract so much attention.

 At this time of year Bournemouth, a few miles north, gets the Sun before Swanage. Its light is reflected from the windows of buildings as the town gets the first rays. Swanage has to wait until the Sun climbs above the hill before the same effect happens on buildings here.

Sometimes it seems to take forever for the Sun to appear but when the first glimpse of gold breaks the surface of the water it is only a matter of seconds before fire turns into the smooth golden disc that we all depend on.

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