Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Guarding the Coast

The highly popular Purbeck Footprints blog has been nominated for a prestigious local award along with a less important blog run by a group that I will call the Swanage Guardcoast, to hide their identity.
At the weekend, at a secret location in the Purbeck Footprints gallery just off Station Road in Swanage, plans were drawn in order to keep up a certain standard and maintain gentlemanly conduct.
It was agreed that I would not guard the coast and help save lives as they do and in return, the Swanage Guardcoast would not post wildlife photographs.
To my utter horror, I find that our once much loved coastguard have completely over stepped the mark and posted a photograph of a snail!
I have to tell you that the gloves are now well and truly off and I have had to retaliate in the harshest way possible.
Here is a photograph of me guarding the coast

That'll show them!


Helen Baggott said...

That did make me laugh.

Just how wild are snails?

Occasional Blog said...

Caught on a bad day,they can be very wild, which is why you'll find us coastguards guarding the coast and keeping it free from snails.

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