Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Follow the Fallow

We don't tend to see Fallow Deer on the Isle of Purbeck although there have been a few rogue bucks seen over the last couple of years. With that in mind it is perhaps not surprising that when, whilst driving 'on the mainland' I saw a young Fallow in the distance, I needed to stop the car and have a bit of a wander. Time was against me of course and the dark clouds that loomed in the distance were getting closer and closer.
First contact then was with a youngster but as Fallow tend to herd, I thought that there must be more around somewhere.

I wandered in the general direction of the young Fallow, taking care not to walk directly towards it and always keeping an eye on the surroundings looking for more animals. They were around somewhere, I just had to find them.
Well, as it happened I didn't have long to wait. A large herd of Fallow were relaxing in the long grass completely aware of my presence and ready to leave at any moment.
An easy find then, but a very wary group and it was obvious that I wasn't going to be able to get particularly close. Watching them and listening to the squeaks and blips of the younsters, getting close enough to smell them but not close enough to make them bolt is a great feeling and one that I always try to get.
There was one individual that stood her ground for a while, but I didn't try to get too close.
Finally, just before I had to leave, I spotted a single white doe with two fawns. This just about made the wander for me and, even though it was far too short, it was well worth the effort.

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