Saturday, 8 August 2015

Dragons, Gatekeepers, Marbles and the Pursuit of a Toadlet

The meadows are bubbling over with mini beasts at the moment and there are far worse things to do that sit in the middle of one and wait for the wildlife. You don't have to wait long of course and, on a beautiful blue sky day, probably the first thing you will notice are the butterflies. Gatekeepers complete with the Marbled Whites in the race to be the most popular but there is also a vast number of Grasshoppers.
I can and do spend far too much time in the meadows at this time of year and never get bored of photographing or just watching the inhabitants.
There are plenty of places where you will see more Dragons but they fly through every now and again.

Grasshoppers and Crickets are a favourite, trying to get that 'different' shot can keep me amused for hours.
The Toadlet! Difficult to follow, it was barely half an inch long from nose to knee, but great fun to photograph.

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