Monday, 18 May 2015

Changeable Weather

When I arrived at Durlston Castle this morning the clouds were low and the rain was doing its best to ruin my mood. What the rain didn't know was that today is day eight of my ten day exhibition and for the next three days I will be here chatting to people, showing off my photographs and generally acting like a proper photographer. No amount of bad weather was ever going to ruin my mood.
Looking from the cliffs there were plenty of seabirds battling the wind and rain, as you would expect, but then out of the mist came The Pheonix.
Rolling and pitching its way from Plymouth, it seemed far to small to deal with this morning's waves but still managed to reach the shelter of Swanage Bay.
Not long after this, the Sun started breaking through the clouds and the skies changed from grey to blue.

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