Sunday, 2 February 2014

Purbeck Footprints Weekend Wanderings #1- Durlston to Dancing Ledge

The weather today was just about perfect for our rain-delayed, first open walk of the year.
We started from Durlston and took the top path along the crest of the cliffs, slipping and sliding through mud which only makes things better as far as I'm concerned. A lovely group of people helps too and time flies as we have to start the descent to the old quarry of Dancing Ledge.
Anvil Point Lighthouse

Fisherman's Ledge
 The walk back was just as slippery, but we were closer to the crashing waves. The sound of the waves on a day like this is incredible as was the height that they made as they cannoned into the cliffs.
Regardless of the mud though, everyone seemed to have a fine time, which is what it is all about.
The next open walk is scheduled for the end of February and should be just as good.

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