Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Long Awaited Blue Sky Sunday

Finally, we had a beautiful blue sky and that can mean only one thing. All those weekend chores that I didn't get done yesterday while it was raining, are not going to get done today either.
I headed off, not really knowing where I was going but ended up at St. Aldhelm's Head, one of my favourite places on the Isle of Purbeck.
The views here are always stunning whatever the weather and today was no exception. The southern tip of the Isle of Wight (some thirty three miles away) was easily visible to the east and to the west (almost twenty miles away) was the Isle of Portland.
Watching from the cliffs high above the crashing waves brings its own rewards and the soundtrack was equally splendid. Behind me in the fields, Skylarks could be heard, whilst out to sea two Peregrines harassed the local pigeon population, their screeches piercing the air.
Not a bad way to spend one of our finest days for a while.
St.aldhelm's Head to the west
Portland in the far distance

The ledges below St.Aldhelm's Head

Anvil Point Lighthouse with the Isle of wight in the distance.


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SimonK said...
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