Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Wild Side of Purbeck Photographic Exhibition

We have had our opening night preview and we have had our first day, now I can just enjoy talking to people about my photographs and listening to their stories.
Durlston Castle's Fine Foundation Gallery must be one of the best venues for an exhibition like ours. The staff are all superb, incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. The views from the castle are just amazing and it is far too easy to just sit and watch the world go by.
For the next eight days this will be my 'office' and it must be very hard to find a nicer one.
So, hopefully, after spending far too much time planning for the exhibition I can get out and about again and start using the camera!

Finally, a big thank you to the Rangers at Durlston and all those who take the time to come to see us, have a chat and look at the photographs that Andy Farrer (from Lensflair) and I are so proud of.

Durlston Castle

The Fine Foundation Gallery
The 'office'

The view

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Swanage Haven said...

Went today, photos are amazing !

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