Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hill Top to Cliff Top

As the evenings get lighter, the chances of a wander after work increase quite nicely. Spring seems to be running a little late and mother nature has a bit of catching up to do but there is still plenty to see.
Our local Roe Deer are a long term favourite and I spend far too much time watch and photographing them. At this time of year they can look a bit untidy as they change into their summer coats but even so, getting close is very special.
If I manage to tear myself away from the deer and to be honest I do tend to lose track of time, a wander along the cliffs is always worth while. For the last few years we have had a family of Kestrels grow up here and they really are wonderful birds,
Far too quickly though the Sun sets and its time for the walk home, accompanied by the sounds of small, dark shadows that rustle in the hedgerows.

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