Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Two By Two

Two By Two by julian sawyer
Two By Two, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.

I was very pleased to find one of our female Roe deer settled down in the grass this evening and even more pleased when she let me get quite close.
That said, my pleased-o-meter went completely of the scale when her old man stood up and made his presence felt, he was even closer and probably accounted for her relaxed attitude. Both then wandered slowly passed to find somewhere they wouldn't be disturbed by a grinning idiot.
By the way, this photo has not been cropped and neither has the young lady's left front leg (it was there somewhere).


Bovey Belle said...

Brilliant photo - as always. Had to smile at the three-legged doe!

MrsL said...

Truly beautiful creatures, aren't they?



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