Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Blues

The Blues by julian sawyer
The Blues, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.

There were very few butterflies to be seen this morning, perhaps the strong wind was keeping them tucked up. Along with a rather pristine Speckled Wood was this one and I have been informed that it may well be a Holly Blue.

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Bovey Belle said...

These have to be my favourite butterflies (hmmm - blue's my favourite colour too!) We don't get that many in Wales, but surprisingly, one of the first butterflies I saw this spring was a blue - probably Common, but here and gone before I had my wits about me and could identify it. I still have memories of butterflies by their hundred and including many blues, near Winspit - the little open quarries slightly to the East of it. I'm talking 25+ years ago now though. . . . and then there was the Year of the Clouded Yellow . . .

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