Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Kingfisher's Breakfast

The morning had barely begun and the Sun was yet to clear the horizon but there we were sat in a hide a few metres from a pond that contained goodness knows how many Trout. A tall tree to the left had a leafless branch that was, apparently, where an Osprey likes to sit to contemplate his next breakfast. I have told the story of our Osprey shoot but there was another story that morning, the stars of which were no fewer than three Kingfishers. They are quick, beautifully painted and wonderful to watch and photograph. We were at this place to watch two birds, both fisherman, both using the same pond, both incredibly successful and both completely indifferent to each other.
The light was still not what I wanted but the Kingfisher is a beautiful bird whatever the light and it is always great to watch. The shots I took that morning would have been improved tenfold if the sun had been shining but that was not to be and I have what I have. I also have some superb memories of a very successful predator doing what it does best.

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Conehead54 said...

Great sequence- beautiful images of a stunning bird!

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