Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Magic of Houns tout

Of all the walks that crisscross the Isle of Purbeck my favourite is a two mile easy path from Kingston to Houns tout, it is a walk that I never tire of and is my 'go to' walk if I need space and time to myself.
The walk starts in the woods with a path that slowly takes you up towards the cliffs, your company can include Foxe, Roe and Badger along with one of the finest birdsong soundtracks.

One animal that I always look forward to seeing along this path, especially at this time of year is the Hare. They are timid, great at hiding and incredibly fast making any photography fun as well as a bit of a challenge. When the grass is short they are easier to spot but still charge around at a rate of knots.

  As the crops in the fields start to grow it gets more and more difficult to spot the Hare, they like to hunker down and relax between the rows and all of a sudden every movement must be a Hare...surely!

 Eventually, after many false calls, you may just be lucky. Don't try to get too close or they will be spooked and run, just give them space and you can get a shot or two of one of our finest and most charismatic locals.

If you can drag yourself away and make it to the cliff edge you are in for another treat with one of the finest views, east and west, that you can see anywhere.

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