Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Relaxing Sunday

After spotting a couple of Grey Seals from the path above Durlston Bay this morning it seemed only right to walk down to the shore and see just how close I could get. The walk to the bay is not easy and the walk along the shore can be treacherous, a keen watch on the tide is vital in order not to be cut off. We made it to the first seal with him being too bothered, he was far too busy chilling out. He seemed to have wrapped himself in seaweed, using this as an anchor, and was obviously very relaxed. I managed to get within about thirty feet of him and he really didn’t seem to mind at all. The second Seal, much younger, was doing the same and was just as relaxed. As with all wildlife, it was great to get close and be seemingly accepted into their world, making no impact in their lives whatsoever.  

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