Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Marathon, a Pelican and a busy deserted village.

Todays walk for The Swanage Walking Festival was always going to be good, but with perfect weather and a superb group of people it exceeded even my expectations.
It was obvious from the start that the views were going be wonderful: there was just enough of a slight breeze to keep the sea mist away. When we got to Flowers Barrow and the land fell away we could easily see every detail of Portland and Weymouth bay. Portland Bill itself, some fourteen or so miles away, seemed within touching distance. A few boats in the bay were spotted by the eagle-eyed including a beautiful tall ship that turned out to be the Pelican of London (thanks to Jon, my ship expert).
The long since deserted village of tyneham, always popular on a Sunday, was even busier due it being on the Purbeck Marathon route. This is a strange place and always leads to mixed emotions with me, there is certainly a lot of history here but I find it unsettling. The group split up at this point so that everyone could spend their own time here, exploring the small village and the memories that haunt it.
The way back up to Povington Hill, some 650 feet high, is always a challenge but we managed it ended the walk on high note.

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