Tuesday, 7 July 2015

From Fox to Fox

It was obvious that the Sun was not going to be able last for the whole evening. Clouds,some ominously dark, were grouping not too far away and although we still had an hour or so before sunset they would win the race and make the evening prematurely dark.
Another race, arguably far more important, was taking place in a field not too far away from a wood that contained a den, home to two feisty Fox cubs!
These two cubs were intent on finishing the game before taking any interest in me, which I was incredibly pleased about.

Finally, and far too soon in my opinion, the game was over and peace returned to the field. It seemed that all of a sudden I was a little bit more important and needed to be investigated. Both cubs came closer to check me out and stayed reasonably close until the clouds covered the Sun and the tempurature started to drop.
Suddenly a Sika broke thorugh the undergrowth obviously surprising herself as much as me, they ran into the woods disappearing into the gloom.

Some evenings are better than others...

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Catherine Green said...

Such lovely shots of beautiful inquisitive cubs. Privileged indeed.

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