Monday, 1 September 2014

Kimmeridge or Bust

August's Purbeck Footprints Weekend Wander took us from the old quarry on the side of Smedmore Hill, passed Tyneham Cap and along Gad Cliff. From there the views are immense and really need to be seen. In the valley to the north nestles the remains of Tyneham village, the destiantion for our next Weekend Wander. To the West we have Portland, the Bill clearly seen at the southern edge of the Isle and behind you to the east we have the 'v' shaped ridges that gave the Isle of Purbeck its name.
Tear yourself from the views and retrace your steps back towards the Cap before you take the steep trail down from the ridge past Brandy Bay and the ledges of Long Ebb that separate it from Hobarrow Bay. More ledges can be seen with Broad Bench making up the foot of another headland before you can see Kimmeridge Bay itself. The Clavell Tower, high upon Hen Cliff at the eastern edge of the bay, doesn't dominate the view, it is far too small for that, but it does seem to compliment it. Built for no more than the amusement of the land owner it now serves as holiday home for those wanting something a little different.
From the bay we turned inland leaving the breathtaking views behind us, at least for a while. Passing the village of Kimmeridge easy whether you walk through it along the road or stay away the traffic and keep to the fields. To get back to the ridge though is a different matter, the path is steep and at the end of walk such as this you feel every footstep. Don't forget to turn around before you get to the top as, for a final treat, the view is yet again stunning. One of the finest walks taking in some of the finest scenery!

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