Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Purbeck Bug Hunt

Although the Sun was shining and the sky was blue there was enough wind to keep the meadows moving. This in turn kept disturbing the beasts and bugs making it difficult to get the shots that I wanted. Still, there are a great many ways to spend an afternoon that are not as much fun so I was happy enough.
There are plenty of grasshoppers and butterflies in the grasses and hedgerows and always the Bees, Wasps and hoverflies if they prove too annoying.


Nic said...

Hi Julian
These shots, and the ones in the posts below, are great. I haven't yet managed the art of creeping up on a beastie unnoticed, even with a zoom rather than macro!
Great stuff.

Julian Sawyer said...

Thanks Nicola, I really enjoy big hunts.

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