Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Long Way Round

 Our April wander, in two weeks time, will take us to Chapman's Pool and I wanted to go a slightly different way than normal. This meant a bit of a recky: checking the paths and trails to see just what is passable and what is not. Making sure that although the going may get rough, those that join me are not at risk of damaging themselves or getting stuck.
 The route that I took is not a 'formal' path but takes in old rat-runs used by fishermen and those few that keep wandering away from the crowds and the coast path.
It wasn't an easy walk but the best ones seldom are, what it did prove however is that this is not one that I can take a group on. The path itself, where there was a path, has suffered a great deal because of erosion. This meant that the foreshore became the path. This whole area is littered with rocks that have fallen from Emmett's Hill some 300 feet above you and is a challenge to navigate.
Following the old path from Chapman's Pool back towards Worth has suffered too, slipping down the hill  in several places.
The view from the path above the Pool is always superb though and worth the effort it takes visit.

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