Saturday, 28 December 2013

It's A Big, Big World

A great start for any walk, Durlston Country Park is perfectly positioned at the Eastern edge of the Isle of Purbeck. You have read about me going on about this place many times but it really is special.
Durlston Country Park
From the Globe head west along the coast path following some of the finest unspoilt coastline you will find, following the Sun as it continues its, far too short, journey across the Winter sky. Eventually, as you wander past the long dead quarries and the ghosts of military secrets, you will come across an old Norman chapel. This is St.Aldhelm's Head, spend time here as there is a lot to discover and some of the finest views on the Ilse of Purbeck.
Chapman's Pool

You have done well to get here as this is not an easy walk and you can afford a break before a set of steps that take you down into the valley, almost to the sea, before they rise to the ridge of Emmett's Hill. From here you can look down into Chapman's Pool, sheltered from three of the four winds and a well used refuge for anyone using the sea to make a living.
The Steps to Houns Tout
It is time to leave the valley that ends in Chapman's Pool and climb more steps. These are just as steep as Emmett's steps and will take you to the cliffs at Houns Tout.
West From Houns Tout
As you reach the top of the steps you have no idea of what is ahead of you as the path continues to rise, but when you reach the crest and walk along Houns Tout the views are truly incredible. Look across the vastly expensive 'Golden Bowl' of the Encombe Estate, past the Reverend Clavell's Tower at Kimmeridge and onwards, way beyond the western border of the Isle of Purbeck and use the last few minutes of a winter's day to watch the Sun disappear.
A Winter's Sunset
A good walk and a tiring one that can end just a mile a two inland from here at The Scott Arms in Kingston. A pub that was originally the New Inn when it started life two hundred years ago, changed to the Eldon Arms to honour the then land owner and again after the last war to the Scott Arms. Take a pint into the garden and take in another of our finest views.


Dartford Warbler said...

Thank you for a wonderful virtual walk, along one of my favourite stretches of coastline.

It`s a while since I climbed the steps at Houns Tout. They are quite a challenge!

Julian Sawyer said...

It certainly is a good walk and I'm glad you enjoyed my ramblings.

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