Saturday, 11 February 2012

More Follys Please

More Follys Please by julian sawyer
More Follys Please, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.

The 180 year old Clavell Tower sits rather nicely on the cliffs at Kimmeridge.
At least it does now that it has been rebuilt further from the edge!
We have a few of these kind of aged structures on the Purbeck, built to show how much money you have rather than anything else, I expect.
Now, I know that it is important to regulate and control new builds these days, but I think it is a shame that we do not seem to be leaving many truly iconic buildings for our great, great grandchildren to marvel at!
All of our famous historic structures(from Stonehenge to Big Ben) did not 'fit in' to their environment when they were first built but are reckognised as gems now.
I am not too sure that the Clavell Tower would have got planning permission today!

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