Sunday, 24 October 2010


Benny, originally uploaded by julian sawyer.

Benny is still the boss and has really taken Sika under his wing. He is a bit of a complex chap (like many rescue dogs, I suppose) and I will always be surprised at how well the two of them get on.


Gary said...

Benny looks like a super dog, of course I like all dogs.

Julian Sawyer said...

Thanks Gary, he is a cracker

Gary said...

When you say rescue trained do you fully mean that ---a tracker and finder, etc.,? He looks the part.
I also took a look at your area on google maps and you're in a fairly rugged part of the south of England, and very near the sea. No wonder you have such grat hikes.

Julian Sawyer said...

I don't mean rescue trained, Gary, but rescued from a previous home.
Benny was mistreated as a pup and dumped in a dogs home, that is where we found him.
Sika was found at the side of the road and in a sorry state.
I am lucky where I live, there are some wonderful walks. But then, looking at your photographs, you live in a pretty spectacular part of the world yourself.
Canada is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.


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