Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sika. The Dog, Not The Deer

Don't tell anyone, but I am a bit of a soft touch where animals are concerned. This is a new addition to our family and we are calling her Sika. I found her a couple of days ago, near a herd of deer that I was watching and spent quite a while sitting on the verge trying to get her to come to me. Eventually, she relented and came for a cuddle. She is a real beauty but very thin and rather timid. We have had all the checks done and put the word around in case someone has lost her.The original plan was to get her to a rescue kennels, but I'm not sure we can let her go now.


Kerry said...

Isn't she beautiful! And she is the only other dog I have ever come across with the same name as my late dog: a very gentle and beautiful boy who shared my life for nearly 18 years.

kirstallcreatures said...

She looks so sweet and quite frail, how fortunate that you happened to be there and took the time to befriend her. I hope all works out well.

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