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The Wrong Side of the Path

Being caught on the cliff side of the coast path is never fun if you are a Roe Deer. Everything would have been nice and quiet early on but, as time moves on more people are around and the path gets a little busier. The route back to safety and the shade of the undergrowth must seem difficult when you are wary of people. Given a bit of space though, he chose his time and took his chance, disappearing into the trees on the right side of the path.
The Sun was directly behind the chap, so shots were difficult, but it is always great to see a Roe Deer.

Sika Seeker

Sometimes our local Sika are well behaved and pose nicely giving you plenty of time to take lovely, well composed shots! Sometimes they don't!

Tales From the River Bank


A Land of Lizards

We are fortunate here on the Isle of Purbeck to be able to see all six native species of reptiles and if you work hard and are a little lucky, you can see them all in one day (plus the introduced Wall Lizard).Yesterday the Sand Lizard was my preferred subject and they never disappoint. The colouring on these stunning animals is incredible and they really need to be looked at closely.

Sunday morning and almost Dragon hunt.

There was plenty going on this morning as the warmth of the Sun desperately tried to compete with the chilly wind. I decided to wander down to a favourite Dragonfly pond near Poole Harbour but there wasn’t much sign of any action and so I concentrated on a Great Spotted Woodpecker that flew from tree to tree looking for a new building site. This kept me amused until I found a Dartford Warbler to play with while the Stonechats chipped and chatted in distance (sounding just like two pebbles being struck together) fighting for the best seat on a pile of old logs. Robins, Dunnocks and Wrens provided the rest of the soundtrack and a couple of Buzzards flew in circles high above. There were no Foxes to be seen this morning which was good news for the dozens of Rabbits that charged around, ate the grass or just sat quietly having a wash.
Not a bad walk for a Sunday.

The Boar Hunt - Day 3. The Final Push