Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Peregrine - With and Without the Sun

Today we have the high winds and the prospect of more rain, last weekend we had a fare amount of sunshine, but whatever the weather a walk along the cliffs above rough seas is never a bad thing. Today, one of our regular Peregrines was sitting quite comfortable amongst a selection of what looked like Pigeon feathers just like she was last week, but this time the weather was against us.
Watching these incredible birds as they use the winds to slice along the cliffs is wonderful, it is womething that I have seen many times but never tire of.
It is true that a little sun brings out the best of these birds for the photographer but on any day, in any weather, just the site of a Peregrine is more than a little welcome.

No dancing, no Puffins and an invisible Deer hunter.

The haze of another beautiful morning still lingered at Dancing Ledge this morning but the clouds were starting to clear and little by litt...