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More Weather

More Weather, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.If the current weather conditions continue into the weekend you may be subjected to more of these.
Another shot taken in December last year when we had snow and blue skies. I can hardly remember what a blue sky looks like!


Weather, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.With the wind and rain making it difficult to get any shots of the Purbeck coast, I thought I would post some from a more picturesque time. This is the Anvil Point Lighthouse taken in December last year and looks almost exactly not how it looked this morning!


Nothing, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.
Well, another grey day with even less Sun than yesterday and I am getting a little desperate.
All the usual suspects were out and about, which is always good to see, but unfortunately there wasn't a decent photograph amongst the dozens that I still managed to take.

Just for the record the horizon, from this point, is about 14 miles away. That is an awful lot of nothing!

Keep Warm and Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep Warm and Keep Your Eyes Open, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.After the excesses of yesterday it was good to get out and about this morning. The weather was not great again though, very grey and overcast with very little Sun.
There was one very brief break in the clouds which gve me just enoug time to catch a Kestrel with a lot on his mind.
Plenty of people on the cliffs looking out for Dolphins too, after they had been spotted again last week but as usual, Dolphins don't turn up when you want them to.


Crowds, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.Apart from a very helpful Robin, the only other willing model was this Chaffinch.
The Bullfinch that I tried to follow was too quick for me, the lone Fulmar that swept along the cliffs was strangley out of focus and the Dolphins didn't even bother to show up!

The Perfect Pose?

The Perfect Pose?, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.You can always rely on a Robin to ham it up when your struggling for a decent shot!
I can spend hours with these chaps.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.Well, work is over for while but, as is usually the case, I haven't been able to get much snapping done.
So, just in case I can't get a more seasonal shot, this will have to do.
Sika, Benny and I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.


ChiffChat, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.
This little chap was very flighty and not at all keen on sitting still. I always get these mixed up with various Warblers but I think it is a Chiffchaff. I couldn't ask him, he wouldn't let me get a word in.


Poser, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.
It never seems to take long for a Robin to realise you are taking photographs. Not that I am complaining, these are lovely little birds and always fun to have around.

Smile And Wave

Smile And Wave, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.
The Purbeck coast has taken a bit of a hammering this week and the seas were still pretty rough today. The view from the cliffs here is always spectacular but when the waves try to reach the footpath at the top and the accompanying roar sounds like cannon fire it can just about take your breath away.
When the weather is this good you can see for miles. The Lighthouse at The Needles on the Isle of Wight is visible in the distance and that is about 18 miles east of here. From Durlston Castle, on top of the cliffs, you can see chimneys almost twice as far as that!

Fish For Lunch

Fish For Lunch, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.I don't walk along river banks often enough and that is something I intend to do something about next year. We spent a good couple of hours following the Kingfishers today, they really are an incredible bird and the winter sun really makes the colours shine.


Concentration, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.The Kingfisher is another bird that I have great fun trying to photograph.
I don't see them often and rarely close enough to get a reasonable shot. They look their best in the sunshine too which means that the river has to be in the right place!!
Oh yes, a good perch too and a helpful fish and no twigs in the way and no shadows and no walkers or dogs or other birds....
Apart from all that, the're a doddle!

Meadow Pipit's Mate

Meadow Pipit's Mate, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.There was not a lot of choice in the small bird department, most of them seemed to have more sense and stayed out of the wind. I decided to follow a small group of Meadow Pipits for a while and was surprised to find a single Dartford Warbler tagging on to them.


Cheeky, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.It seems so long since I managed to get out with the camera for a proper wander. Not quite the best weather for it, but nothing was going to stop me getting out and I was decidedly trigger happy! Nothing was safe and no amount of wind or rain would stop me snapping away. I was even happy to be mooned by a family of Sika!

Big Mouth

Big Mouth, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.By far the noisiest bird this morning was this chap and he spent a fair amount of time making sure we didn't forget.

Small Birds and Poor Reflexes

Small Birds and Poor Reflexes, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.After a week without any chance to pick up the camera it was good to get out today, even though I only had a hour or so.
Plenty of little birds around, which is always a good thing, even if my hit rate was a little low!
Luckily, the Dunnock is always ready to pose for a while.

Flight Of A Purbeck Kite

Flight Of A Purbeck Kite, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.Over the last few years there have been quite a few reported sightings of Red Kites above the Isle of Purbeck but I have seen only one and that was a long way away.
Today, with the help of the last few rays of sun before it was hidden by black clouds, I got a much better view.

Wind Blown

Wind Blown, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.I didn't get much time to take shots of this Red Kite but it was great to watch it twist and turn in the wind.
Here, high above the ranges at the western end of the Isle of Purbeck, it was possible to get eye-level with this beautiful bird.

The Rear Guard

The Rear Guard, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.The Priest's Way is an ancient footpath that leads from Worth to Swanage and is a lovely walk even on a dull, grey, cloudy day. This morning was especially dull and grey, making it difficult to take shots of the Roe Deer that wouldn't let me get very close at all.
Finally, I tried to get a shot of a herd of cows all lined up with there backs to me (don't ask me why) but that wasn't to be either.
Some days are more difficult than others..

More Drive-by Shootings

More Drive-by Shootings, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.I know I keep saying this, but there is very little time during the week to take photographs and I have to take a shot whenever I can.
Yesterdays target was a young Fox that looked in very good condition but was very timid.
Always lovely to see a wild Fox in its own environment though.

Durlston Dartfords

Durlston Dartfords, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.

Older Wildlife

Older Wildlife, a photo by julian sawyer on Flickr.Not exactly a natural resident, but he did look good with the Sun on him.